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While we can’t show the galaxy full of geeky and lovely people, meet the Polaris who make our team stronger.

Sunrise Club

Dr.Thongram Biju Singh

is amongst the finest Consultant Gynaecologist in the country with 22 years of experience. Dr. Singh is an MBBS from JIPMER Pondicherry and DNB in OB/GYN.

Dr. Ananthakrishnan Chandrasekhar

Is a renowned internal physician. He secured his MBBS from the prestigious Calicut Medical College and MD internal medicine as a rank holder.

Mr. Kannan Ramakrishnan

is the founder and Managing Director of Shreshtha Business Solutions Group which is in the business of offering HR Solutions and Digital Marketing specializing in Brand Building.

Mr. Saket Agarwal

a renowned industrialist with decades of experience in establishing and running large corporations, runs one of the largest Industrial Furnace companies in the country besides also owning and managing a large number of franchises of reputed brands in Eastern India.

Captain Deepak Parasuraman

is a professionally qualified commercial pilot and promoter of AFCOM Cargo, an international exclusive cargo airline based at Chennai, India. Capt. Deepak has worked extensively with many companies to raise funds and held prestigious positions at different intervals with various companies as an advisor and facilitator.


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